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Educator Edition :
Advocating for Your Black Child

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A Free Workshop Series for School Based Providers  

This series was adapted from the Advocating for Your Black Child Parenting Class in efforts of allowing school-based providers the opportunity to access the concepts used in the class.


This workshop series is open to all School Based Providers:

  •               Educators (Teachers, School Administrators) 

  •               Mental Health Professionals (Counselors, Therapists, Psychologists) 

  •               School Social Workers  

  •               Other professionals  



Topics Covered Include:

  •               Accessing appropriate academic services and support within the public school system 

  •               Understanding and navigating systemic racism in professional settings 

  •               Learning about behavioral health and neurological differences in Black children and teens 

  •               Implementing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) techniques 

  •               Utilizing community resources effectively 

  •               Overcoming obstacles to effective support and advocacy 

  •               Exploring alternative and allopathic treatment methods 



Workshop A: Obstacles to Parenting & Education/Academic Advocacy  

Delve into the barriers that Black parents and caregivers encounter in navigating the education system and parenting journey. From systemic inequities to cultural biases, gain greater insight into how history impacts the day-to-day lives of the Black children and families that you serve. You will also be reminded of the IDEA programs in the academic setting which assists all families in fully accessing services. By understanding these obstacles, you'll be better equipped to offer invaluable support and advocacy for Black children and families in educational settings. 


Workshop B: Neurodevelopmental Differences & Mental Health  

In this class, we will look at the various Neurodevelopmental and Mental Health differences which impact the functioning of the Black child in the academic setting.  We will also explore the intersection of neurodevelopmental differences and mental health, as well as gain a deeper understanding of the unique mental health needs of Black families. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be better prepared to champion accessible and culturally competent mental health services and support systems for Black children and teens. 

Workshops are independent modules and participants have the option to take one - or both.


Workshop A: July 16th or July 18th
Workshop B: July 23rd or 25th
9:00 am - 12:00 pm


The course is taught by SFDPH Kummba Healing Project clinical & health professionals and a NAMI San Francisco Parent Mentor with lived experience.

If you have any questions,  please contact:


Ashley Brown-Hagan at NAMI San Francisco or 909-313-2512

The Kummba Project is hiring!
Click the button below to read the job description and and see if the position is right for you! 

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